Wednesday, June 18, 2014

See My Bulletin Board I Made!!

I had so much fun today making this Bulletin Board for my Craft Room!! I LOVE it!!
I used a flea market find bulletin board, I used Mod Podge to put on the  pokey dot paper on the frame part.
I had a Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy sheet that needed something done with, so , today, I had one of those "light bulb going off in your head" moments, and decided, hey, that would be a great idea for my bulletin board. I cut it to fit inside the cork board part, and glued it on with Alene's Craft glue, Love it, just around the edges. I distressed the frame with some light sanding and a little brown shoe polish. I took 2 big pins and stuck one in each of my old Raggedies, sorry, and pinned them on the corners. I made a little tag that says, LOVE NOTES!!!!!!!! It is ready to hang up, doing that tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh Jayne, this is very nice idea and i really love the little Andy and Annie, nice work big hugs

    1. Wowie!! You are so sweet, Cathy, couldn't do it without friends like you!! Thank you!!!!