Wednesday, September 2, 2020

 I had so much fun making & designing my "Bride of Frankenstein"! I was encouraged to make her by a very sweet friend of mine! She is a mate to her Frankenstein!! I made him also.

"Betty Boop" dolls I designed!!!

 My "Olive Oyl and Vintage Popeye Wonder Book"

I collect old children's books & toys, They inspire my creativity!!!

 "Olive Oyl Dolls" 

I made and designed these!!!

"Bee Mine Annie & Mini Doll Pillow"

 "Wizard of Oz" Limited Edition Doll set

I designed these and made them only  as limited editon sets a few years ago!!!!!!!!


"Meet Me At the Pumpkin Patch Annie & Mini Doll Pillow" 
"Fresh Cut Trees Annie & Mini Doll Pillow"