Sunday, September 23, 2012

Etsy Listing

This weekend we went to a "Bluegrass Festival" and crafts show. Mostly for the music. Not a lot of crafts really but still fun to look . Bought MORE fabric at Joann Crafts and other sewing essentials. Our new store is bigger with more selection now, of course they want your $$$$$, don't they? Love to fabric shop!! I have enough to keep me busy for at least 300 years!!!!!!
Oh, listed my "Domino Annie" handmade Primitive Raggedy doll in my Etsy shop,  Price is $24.95 plus shipping is $5.75. I used a Raggedy Old Annies pattern, too. She wears a vintage Domino around her neck and loves black and white polka dots!!


  1. I love your little tags that you put with your dolls, I wish I could draw, but stick figures are about my limit.

  2. Thanks, Cyndy! I did LOTS of painted stuff before the dollmaking took over my life!! LOVE all kinds of craftin'!!

  3. Very nice now you make more and more little dolls Hihi!!! I love this Domino Annie.big hugs.

    1. Yes, I make as many dolls as I can, I have a Craft Show in 3 weeks, so I will need lots for that. Thanks so much, Catherine, you are so sweet:)